Philipniceguy exotics is a company dedicated to the keeping, breeding & selling of lizards within the Genus Varanus AKA Monitor lizards. I keep a wide range myself in my personal collection ranging from small monitors like Ackies to Kingorums right up to the giants like Crocodile monitors. This passion has slowly turned into a business adventure which means YOU too can now enjoy and get the bug/passion for Varanus sp the same as I do. I have in stock a wide range of Varanus sp but I now no longer sell imported species only true Captive Bred animals. My greatest achievements are in the form of my own home-grown CBUK stock. I always continue to grow my own bred stock lines, as well as from some selected top Varanus enthusiasts/breeders from all over the UK & Europe, often advertised as CBEU for example. This has resulting in a large selection of CB stock from the smaller species right up to the big guys. Check out my Available list.