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Payment plans are available for the above animals priced over £500, 25% MINIMUM UPFRONT and the rest in under 2 months perhaps longer depending on species and total purchase price, the animals remain with me until full payment is made, If you choose to pull out at any time the money paid is NON refundable, however at my discretion transferring the money to another animal might be possible. ALL DEPOSITS PAID ARE NON REFUNDABLE. In the VERY unlikely event that for any reason the animal becomes sick, injured or dies in my care when under a payment plan or deposited ready for collection you will be made aware and a FULL REFUND can be given. Deposits can be made either VIA or bank transfer please contact me if you require bank transfer details.


Collection from me in Wiltshire, UK is possible and preferred. I will supply the monitor in a suitable secure tub or cloth bag depending on size etc. YOU MUST bring a suitable polystyrene box and heat pack/ hot water bottle to make sure your reptile returns home safe, secure, warm and without being exposed to the extremes of our weather. Collection is always provided at an address where someone is available 24/7 (normally) and not necessarily where the animal is located so advanced notice on arrive date/time is a must.


UK wide delivery is possible via a reptile courier service. They must be DEFRA registered. I can arrange this for £50 to most of UK, your also welcome to arrange it. Please bare in mind that delivery date and time can not be changed or requested and is down to where you slot in on their delivery run. start dates of their delivery runs are just that and certainly not the actual date of delivery. Again i am flexible with courier times etc so rarely is a time/date not suitable for me.


Hamm collection is possible and no extra charge is required for this option however due to the amount of pick-pocket scum present I require a minimum of 25% deposit to secure your animal/animals and remaining balance 1 week before Hamm. This is so I don't have to carry cash around the expo. Collection possible from a table at Hamm, details provided on receipt of remaining balance. Delivery to your table or a friends is also possible.

Houten collection is often possible at no extra charge 25% upfront and rest of the balance 1 week before expo preferred. Collection from table at expo possible. Delivery to your table or friends table also possible.


IF you require large orders of CBUK, CBEU stock, shipping costs will need to be discussed however they often range between £1000-£1500 depending on size of polystyrene box and amount of different CITES species. £100 per species for paperwork alone. Shipping costs are on top of whatever you decide to purchase. Time frame is around 1-3 months for paperwork. 25% deposit minimum required at which point I will apply for CITES paperwork and begin the export process, NEVER BEFORE the 25% deposit is received. On me obtaining the CITES export documents the remaining 75% of the balance is payable within a maximum of 4 weeks. At this time I will get export freight quotation and notify you of the full shipping costs this must be paid in full BEFORE export date is arranged (though this can be discussed before it's paid). Extra fees may apply in your country and please be aware of your local laws it's not my responsibility to do so. Notify me with what you require eg: vet health document, export/import cites, invoice etc.

The up-most care, husbandry, equipment, time etc is taken to ensure every single animal is of sound alert nature and feeding readily in my care before being allowed to leave, If you have any concerns about your purchased animals, please get in touch immediately ensuring you do so within 24hrs of receiving it stating your concerns clearly and we can discuss what action is required if any. Failure to notify me within this time frame is therefor taken as your happy with your animal/s condition and no further guarantee can be offered due to the nature of factors required to ensure a healthy animal remains in a healthy state. Note if collected and you didn't turn up with a suitable polystyrene box no 24hr notice applies because you clearly didn't ensure a safe temperature suitable trip home.

PICTURES of my vast collection can be seen here:

please contact me if you require any additional information.